The University of Salford Art Collection, in partnership with Castlefield Gallery and Wallace & Seymour, are proud to present our 2024 cohort for the Graduate Scholarship Programme!

a highly abstracted artist image in muted colours

The University of Salford Art Collection are delighted to launch two new commissions, by artists Jeff Knopf (University alumnus) and Theo Simpson, this July 2024

To coincide with the celebration of Harold Riley’s life through the Every Line Is Me exhibition at Salford Museum and Gallery, we have put up some more of his pieces in The Old Fire Station across the road.

Graphic representing the Open Call. Text reads: SBR022 Open Call Samarbeta Music Residency Responding to the Hybrid Futures Exhibition

Apply now for Samarbeta Open Call Residency for musicians to respond to the Hybrid Futures exhibition at Salford Museum & Art Gallery.

A stylised image of procussionist Jennifer Walinetski, in the angular Conductor costume, in a dramatic pose, holding a drum stick in each hand. Behind her are the dramatic and angular foam walls of the Anecoic Chamber at the University of Salford.

Two new pieces of writing in response to the debut of The Conductor, a brand new performance artwork developed by Mishka Henner as part of his Energy House 2.0 artist residency. Read reviews from Lizzie King and Jack Nicholls for Corridor8.

A photograph showing dark sillouttes, backlit in blue, as the figures watch The Conductor by Mishka Henner, in the reverberation chamber at the University of Salford.

Lizzie King reviews The Conductor by Mishka Henner, presented as part of the Energy House 2.0 Artist Residencies at Sounds From the Other City, 2024.

A Piece of Something Bigger officially begins showing on Thursday 23rd May 2024, coinciding with the University of Salford Degree Show!

The silhouette of a percussionist is visible from the upper thighs, wielding two drumsticks, against a backdrop of tumultuous clouds, surrounded by lighting.

Have you heard the latest news from our Energy House 2.0 Artist Residency Programme? Mishka Henner brings The Conductor to Salford for a world-first at Sounds of the Other City on Sunday 5th May.

A graphic representing the Hybrid Futures Symposiu. Text reads: Hybrid Futures Fri 10 May, Salford. Symposium Making, Showing and Collecting Art in a Time of Climate Crisis. Organic shapes from the Hybrid Futures branding shows green post-it notes written in response to the Hybrid Futures exhibition at Salford 2024.

Join us and our Hybrid Futures partners for the Hybrid Futures Symposium taking place on the 10th May 2024 at The Old Fire Station, Univeristy of Salford.

A summary of the Socially Engaged Photography Symposium held in February 2024 as part of the ‘Craig Easton : Is Anybody Listening?’ tour.

A still image from Emily Speed's video work Rooms Designed for a Woman, showing legs, sat on the floor, with bent knees and bare feet. The legs are clad in green tight fitted leggings with a geological print, which matches the backdrop filling the background of the images.

Artist in Residence with Energy House 2.0, Emily Speed, discusses her work and sustainability.

LOOK Climate Lab 2024, installed at Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool.

Sam Parker shares his thoughts on LOOK Climate Lab 2024 at Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, featuring work from Energy House 2.0 Artist-in-Residence Mishka Henner.

Our annual scheme – now celebrating its 10th year – is now open to applications to 2024 Graduates from the School of Art, Media and Creative Techology

Following artist Gwen Riley Jones’ 18 month residency with the University of Salford Art Collection, a new publication shares reflections on socially-engaged practice and the relevance of collections today.

Help shape our future programming – and enter our prize draw for a £15 Salford Museum cafe voucher! (t&c’s apply).

A still image from a film by artists Nicola Dale and Florence Lam. Each are taking part in a physical performance across Zoom. Each hold up their hands to their eyes.

This year we present a series of artist film screenings from the University of Salford Art Collection, each with an international focus, at the New Adelphi Exhibition Gallery from March to June 2024.

Open Eye Gallery logo, with 'LOOK CLIMATE LAB 2024' written underneath

RSVP to the Open Eye Gallery Private View and launch of ‘LOOK Climate Lab 2024’! 6-8 PM on Thursday the 8th of February.

Symposium details: 9:30am, 29th of February 2024 at the Williamson Art Galley & Museum. Symposium: Commissioning and Collecting Socially Engaged Photography.

Join us in Birkenhead on 29th February for a thought-provoking symposium around socially engaged photography practice. Free to attend – book now!

Our curator, Lindsay Taylor, reflects on a successful year of exhibitions, commissions and partnership working – with more to come!

Craig Easton: Is Anybody Listening & Our Time, Our Place comes to Salford. Find out more about the exhbition tour & engagement programme so far. PLUS all the details of the exhibition at the University.

Rowan Pritchard joined the Art Collection as a Graduate Associate in 2021. After two years with the Collection, Rowan shares refelctions, hightlights and behind the scenes snaps from her time working with the Collection.

A Green graphic shows images of all the 2022-23 Green Impact winners.

The University of Salford Art Collection awarded a platinum Green Impact award for 2022-23, plus special Community Action Award for Hybrid Futures work.

A warm welcome to Sam Parker, our new Team Assistant (Graduate Associate), who reflects on some of our recent programme.

A photography shows Gwen Riley Jones walking around the University of Salford campus.

Lizzie King and Gwen Riley Jones share recipies and reflections from Sustaining Photography in four new blog posts.

A photograph of Lizzie King in the University of Salford Community Growing Space.

Artist Lizzie King shares her motivations for working on Sustaining Photography, and why working sustainably as an artist is important to her practice.

A photography shows Gwen Riley Jones walking around the University of Salford campus.

Socially Engaged Photographer Gwen Riley Jones shares why the Sustaining Photography project is important to her.

The University of Salford Art Collection and Castlefield Gallery present Salford Scholars at The Manchester Contemporary 2023.

A photograph of green spinach, grown in the Community Growing Space for Sustaining Photography

The Sustaining Photography team share step by step instructions on how to make your own plant-based film developer.

A photograph showing two people making their own anthotypes

Step by step instructions on how to make you’re on plant-based sun prints from the Sustaining Photography team, Gwen Riley Jones and Lizzie King.

Lizzie King and Gwen Riley Jones present Sustaining Photography, an exhibition exploring plant-based alternatives to traditional photography PLUS an exciting engagement programme.

Recent acquisition ‘The Sisyphus Suite’ by Cecile Elstein is now on display in the Clifford Whitworth Library Exhibition Space.

“Visibilities manifests as a focused, thoughtful display that brings works together to address diversity, both in regional communities, and globally.” Mike Pinnington, The Double Negative

Layers of cyan, magenta, and yellow hand drawn marks form the image of a mans face.

Art Collection Team Assistant Rowan, who curated Visibilities, our current exhibition at the New Adelphi, dives deeper into one of the artworks on display for August’s Artwork of the Month.

This role is open to 2023 BA Graduates from the University of Salford, preferably from an Arts subject, who are interested in starting or developing a career in the arts, museums and galleries sector.

Join Visibilities curator Rowan Pritchard, with Stephanie Fletcher (Art Collection, Assistant Curator) for a lunchtime tour of Visibilities: Shaping a story of now.

A display of porcelain books of various sizes, placed on a green surface.

Every year the Collection runs a number of Live Briefs for our students to work with – and respond to – the Collection in different ways. This month on our blog we feature new work by MA Contemporary Fine Art student Ann Olih,

The University of Salford Art Collection & Castlefield Gallery announce the five graduate artists awarded a place on annual Graduate Sholarship Programme.

Portrait of Emily Speed, shown from the waist up. She is a white woman with light hair, wearing an orange shirt and light wash denim jacket.

The University of Salford Art Collection is delighted to announce Emily Speed as the second artist-in-residence with Energy House 2.0, in partnership with Castlefield Gallery. 

The Team has been awarded two Green Impact National Awards: Innovation for Engagement and Sustainability Hero, for their continuing commitment to sustainability action and engagement.

Launching Hybrid Futures, a multi-part collaboration focusing on climate, sustainability, collaborative learning and co-production.

An images shows a man and a woman reaching out for each other and holding hands by the water front. Behind them the Wuhan skyline rises into the blue sky.

Team Assistant Rowan Pritchard curates latest on-campus exhibition ‘Visibilities’ coming soon. Save the date: exhibition launch 25th May.

The University of Salford is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Salford artist, Harold Riley, on 18th April 2023 at the age of 88.

Applications open for final year BA students and current MA students to respond to Craig Easton exhibition Is Anybody Listening? Our Time, Our Place.

A colourful painting of an outdoor market scene.

University of Salford Sustainability Engagement Officer Marta Strzelecka selects artwork of the month in honour of Go Green Salford.

A tin type style portrait of Mishka Henner, a white man with silver hair.

The University of Salford Art Collection is delighted to announce Mishka Henner as the first artist-in-residence with Energy House 2.0, in partnership with Open Eye Gallery and Castlefield Gallery. 

Our annual Graduate Scholarship Programme, run alongside Castlefield Gallery, is now open for applications for 2023.

University of Salford Art Collection is now inviting applications for the second residency in collaboration with Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.

Black and white photograph of a man with his arms crossed in front of his chest, eyes closed and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. In background is made up of an image of sky and clouds.

Gwen Riley Jones refelcts on a blog first written in May 2022 discussing early work with Salford Youth Council and the origins of ‘feeling triangle’.

Drawing of the word art in camouflage effect

A Throwbhack Thursday blog ahead of the launch of new exhibition ‘Some Days I Feel Triangle’.

Gwen gets to know members of Salford Youth Council. Their conversation begins by discussing ‘What is NOT art?’

The University of Salford Art Collection are seeking BA or MA students from the School of Art, Media and Creative Technology, to produce 2 new portraits – one of outgoing Vice-Chancellor Helen Marshall and one of new Chancellor Lucy Meacock. 

Opportunity: Is Anybody Listening? Our Time, Our Place – Evaluator (Freelance). February 2023 – May 2024. Deadline: Friday 3rd February 2023

North West touring exhibition Craig Easton: Is Anybody Listening? launching 12th Jan at Open Eye Gallery, and Our Time, Our Place engagement programme for young people.

Tree branches and leaves against a pale blue sky

From 1st February 2022, Artist in residence Gwen Riley Jones and members of Salford Youth Council take over the campus gallery – for a new show that celebrates wellbeing and creativity.

Fixed Fee: Location: Reporting to: Duration: £21,300 (£300 per day/ one day per week/ 71 weeks) Northwest and hybrid Curator, University of Salford Art Collection December 2022 – April 2024 Context: It is a significant occasion for a Northwest artist – Craig Easton – to win Sony World Photographer of the Year (2021) with his […]

A vibrant image shows the Energy House 2.0 building illuminated at night.

A unique opportunity to spend 18 months working on a residency project inspired by environmental issues, climage change, net zero, and housing. First deadline: 28th Nov

Socially Engaged Photographer Gwen Riley Jones discusses the LOOK Photo Biennial 2022: Climate x University of Salford

A black and white photograph shows a young Albert Adams, in profile, sat holding a painbrush and facing a small easel with a canvas.

Writer and curator Greg Thorpe reflects on the work of Albert Adams and his visit to the University of Salford Art Collection stores to explore the Albert Adams archive.

New projects by McCoy Wynne, Megan Powell and Gwen Riley Jones each explore issues around the climate crisis, environment, and sustainability.

a drawing by rachel goodyear, showing a woman bending backwards on the floor. She wears green shorts, a striped top, and has bats hanging from her back.

A deeper dive into Rachel’s new work, discussing themes of feminism, surrealism and the human-animal psyche. Thurs 27th Oct @ 5.30pm.

Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022 is a programme designed to encourage meaningful cultural exchange and to forge enduring partnerships between the UK and Hong Kong’s visual arts sectors.

Socially Engaged Photographer Gwen Riley Jones discusses Salford Youth Council’s visit to the University of Salford Art Collection’s new store and Theirs, Yours, Ours: queer and non-binary perspectives on identity.

Stylised purple sculpture of a 2000s style make-up compact with mirror.

Castlefield Gallery and the University of Salford Art Collection announce the six graduate artists awarded a place on their annual scheme: Suraj Adekola, Adian Dolye, Joe Fowler, Alfie Lane, Jacob Longcake, and Laura Socas.

installation shot of the Albert Adams exhibition in the Clifford Whitworth library.

Our Albert Adams project curatorial assistant, PhD student Yanxi Wu, reflects on the fascinating challenges and extraordinary discoveries on her first curatorial experience in the UK.

Image of anthotype prints in frames exposing in the sunshine on a stand

Anthotype workshops at the Rediscover Salford event remind us to choose more sustainable ways to live.

A large pencil drawing by artist Rachel Goodyear. A hyena stands on a wooden side table, facing the viewer

Salford-based, internationally acclaimed artist Rachel Goodyear to exhibit at Salford Museum & Art Gallery from 15 July 2022

Socially Engaged Photographer in Residence Gwen Riley Jones discusses her work with Action for Conservation, the RHS, the Planting for the Planet exhibition, and anthotypes.

Salford Rediscovered is a celebratory closing party to mark the end of the Rediscovering Salford project, a city-wide programme of events which highlight and celebrate Salford’s green spaces – inspired by the launch of RHS Bridgewater gardens.  

A rainy street scene in Naples, Italy, people are sheltering from the rain.

Video artwork Homage to the Rain by Antony Barkworth Knight – selected by the Action for Conservation youth group – will be on display at RHS Garden Bridgewater this summer.

A black and white image shows the artist looking over small figure like statues on small woden plint. The artist is holding the object on the furthest left, as if to move it.

With applications for the 22/23 Graduate Scholarship Programme now open, this month we spoke with current graduate scholar Jeffrey Knopf. As part of his bespoke scholarship, Knopf was awarded a studio space at Paradise Works here in Salford, we check in with him at his studio, for our ongoing ‘In the Studio’ feature.

two gloved hands hold open a book, the pages of which are full of numerical code

Our outgoing Digital Content and Engagement Officer, Alistair Small, offers some reflections on the collection’s digitisation project.

Navy text on a yellow background reads: Graduate Scholarship Programme 2022, now open for applications, and includes three logos; the university of salford art collection, the university of salford school of arts, media & creative technology, and Castlefield Gallery

The Graduate Scholarship Programme, now in its eighth year, is open for applications for the 2022 cohort.
Deadline: 9.00am Monday 23rd May 2022.

A guest post from Alexandra Mitchell – Archivist at The University of Salford – who reveals the unique collection of archival material in the University’s Brass Band Archive – one of the inspirations behind the artwork The Storm Cone.

an artists drawings showing a young woman kneeling on the floor wearing grey trousers and a red striped top, next to her a sheepdog appears to float mid air

We are delighted to announce a new co-commissioned exhibition by Salford based artist Rachel Goodyear, in partnership with Grundy Art Gallery

A box style television sits on the corner of a bright pink cabinet. The screen shows a grainy image. The bottom half is black, in the top half a pair of eyes and hat are just visible. Some reflections of the room can be seen. Behind, a thin white fabric covers a window, allowing a soft white and yellow glow of light into the room.

Theirs, Yours, Ours brings together the work of four University of Salford Alumni who explore queer and non-binary perspectives through print, photography, painting, and installation. 30 Mar – 30 Sept, New Adelphi Exhibition Gallery.

a hand holds up a smartphone, on the screen a digital image of a bandstand is superimposed on the background of a park

We celebrate Spring and the final months of the You Belong Here exhibition with a new series of events – starting on Sat 2nd April

Drawing of the word art in camouflage effect

Gwen gets to know members of Salford Youth Council. Their conversation begins by discussing ‘What is NOT art?’

In the first of a new series highlighting the work of artists in our collection, our Digital Content and Engagement Officer, Alistair Small, pays a visit to the South Manchester studio of Cecile Elstein. 

A screenshot of a new online catalogue, showing a grid of various thumbnail images, for example portraits and landscapes

We are delighted to share the beta version/soft launch of our new online catalogue, featuring hundreds of images – some digitised for the first time.

a young man sits in a large armchair in front of a painting. He faces the camera with a thoughtful expression. The photo is in sepia black and white

Hosted by Dr. Alice Correia, the study day will touch on a range of topics from self-portraiture, post-war painting, Black modernism, masculinity and sexuality, and the South African artistic community in London

Friday 28th January Panel Discussion: Are You Living Comfortably? Creating a Culture of Energy Efficiency In Our Homes.

Our Socially Engaged Photographer-in-Residence, Gwen Riley Jones, select’s Wu Chi-Tsung’s ‘Wrinkled Texture 027’, 2015 as January’s Artwork of the Month.

a photographic composite showing a traditional, brick-build Victorian terrace. The image is altered to show hot and cold spots

We’re very excited to be launching Are You Living Comfortably? by McCoy Wynne, as part of LOOK Climate Lab 2022 at Open Eye Gallery next week!

Two long, white, flat, glass topped display cases. In the left case are archive materials - posters and documents from music performances in Peel Park. The paper is yellowed and aged. In the right, a number of postcards, both face up and face down, showing images and written inscriptions. The postcards are of Peel Park and Salford, over the last 100 years.

In our annual Christmas newsletter, Curator Lindsay Taylor wraps up some of the highlights of the year – Plus, a new exhibition review by Corridor 8

a set of small canvasses seen from the side. They are all wrapped up and placed side by side on a white shelf.

Our Socially Engaged Photographer in Residence – Gwen Riley Jones – shares an update on her residency.

To mark #UKDisabilityHistoryMonth, we’re sharing the work of our 2021 collaborator Vital Capacities – a digital residency project established by videoclub, which embeds accessibility into practice and design.

a close up image of a watercolour artwork. Dark blue black paint covers the image, with a faint pattern produced by a net curtain across it. A white slash or stripe draws across the square diagonally

Our current digitisation programme has allowed us a much closer look at the works in our collection – drawing out deeper details and interpretations. This month we reflect on watercolour triptych ‘Fog Series’ by Ma Qiusha

a self portrait in oil, showing the head and shoulders of a black man. He wears a vest and short hair. In the background are flags or bunting in red and green

Deadline extended: apply now to work on an exciting project which brings together art, archives, visual culture and Black history.

A group photo of five people inside a fine art store room

A warm welcome to Fine Art alumni Rowan Pritchard, who joins the team for two years as Graduate Associate. Here Rowan reflects on their first few weeks in the role – including an entire store move!

To celebrate #NationalTreeWeek, artist Lowri Evans reflects on recent project Leaving, a participatory public event which took place under the trees of Salford in Autumn 2021

As part of our new In the Studio series, we catch up with one of our 2020/21 Graduate Scholars, Babs Smith.

A drop in participatory event with artist Lowri Evans, inspired by Autumn, nature, and natural cycles – stop by for a chat, tea, and biscuits – on campus Thurs 11th Nov

a large empty room with grey floor and white walls

An exciting period for the Art Collection as we move to a new central art store, and start a programme of digitisation – supported by new partner colleague Alistair Small

Our new ‘artwork of the month’ celebrates selected works from the Collection. This #blackhistorymonth art historian Dr Alice Correia explores a self portrait from our Albert Adams archive – ahead of a new symposium she will lead in 2022.

orange flowers across green grass

Great news – our collaborative exhibition at Salford Museum and Art Gallery has been extended to Spring/Summer 2022

Jones joins the Art Collection for 12 months, in partnership with Open Eye Gallery, to ask: “who are the collections for? What stories can they tell? Whose voice can we hear? And how can we think differently about them?”

Climate, Retrofitting and Photography: McCoy Wynne to Exhibit at COP26 Universities’ Innovation Showcase

Our new commission with Salford based artist Lowri Evans takes inspiration from the trees around the city. Submit your favourites to the #SalfordTree inventory – and look out for participatory sessions in Autumn!

A still from an artists' video. Three identical images are shown side by side. They show a pair of hands sculpting a piece of clay on a potters wheel. Each image has a different text caption written in white text. The first reads 'holding', the second reads 'sound of remembering fondly' the third just has three asterisk * stars

VITAL CAPACITIES by VIDEOCLUB: Introducing a new video work by co-commissioned artist Seo Hye Lee, alongside new works by fellow residency artists Linda Stupart and Laura Lulika

a contemporary artwork image. It shows a stack of 4 ice cubes against a solid black backgroun. Superimposed on or in the ice cubes are black and white images of human eyes and facial features

Castlefield Gallery and the University of Salford Art Collection announce the five graduate artists awarded a place on their annual scheme: Katie Aird, Daniel Callan, Jeffrey Knopf, Henna Mahmood, Sara Rawat

Interior photo of a gallery exhibition. The image shows a pink wall and a green wall, with small framed artworks hung on them.

Book your free tickets now to our new exhibition with Salford Museum and Art Gallery. Salford based artists Lizzie King, Jack Brown, Hilary Jack and Cheddar Gorgeous show new commissions alongside historic works and archives.

A photograph of a television facing forwards and slightly to the left. The television is a black box shape and mounted to a white wall. Coming out from the left and right side of the television are two black tubes. On the screen, the fading words ‘WHAT?’ are repeated three times overlapping on top of each other at different angles.

Artist Seo Hye Lee draws from her hearing loss experience to explore hearing, listening, communication and mis-communication, in this new digital residency programme – from 1st June 2021.

The Manchester Print Workshop was based at the University in the 1980s – and produced a vibrant body of work. Did you work, study or visit during the time – and have any memories to share?

New Augmented Reality artwork The Storm Cone launches in Peel Park in May 2021 – featuring staff, students and friends of the University of Salford

New commissions by Salford based artists Jack Brown, Cheddar Gorgeous, Hilary Jack and Lizzie King – which explore and celebrate local green spaces. Set to launch on 29th May 2021.

We are delighted to share that Salford alumnus Craig Easton has been named at Photographer of the Year in the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards

Annual scholarship scheme for University of Salford graduates now open for applications – deadline 9am on 4th May 2021.

New article by Sara Jaspan for The Fourdrinier magazine explores Salford’s local radical history and development of green spaces – inspired by our Rediscovering Salford programme.

In collaboration with Open Eye Gallery, we are delighted to announce a new commission with photographers Stephanie Wynne and Steve McCoy at Energy House, Salford

A rainy street scene in Naples, Italy, people are sheltering from the rain.

The 2019 film, by Antony Barkworth-Knight, celebrates the experience of rainfall around the globe, through crowd-sourced footage. Showing online from 15th January,

Join UOS Curator Lindsay Taylor, with Open Eye Gallery Director Sarah Fisher, for a presentation at Museum 2050 online symposium – responding to this years’ theme of ‘collaboration’. 5th – 6th December 2020.

Ahead of joining the judging panel for the Sony World Photography Awards, UOS curator Lindsay Taylor takes part in an online Q&A with the organisation.

Limited edition prints and t-shirts now available, featuring Salford-based or Salford-inspired artworks from our permanent collection!

Originally part of our summer micro-commissions programme.

Four exciting new commissions from Salford based artists Jack Brown, Cheddar Gorgeous, Hilary Jack and Lizzie King.

The artists, selected in partnership with Islington Mill and Paradise Works studios, will make new works exploring the parks & green spaces of Salford.

20 artworks launched online today, including 5 new commissions for the Collection – plus a series of social media takeovers alongside.
The exhibition, part of the Peer to Peer UK/HK festival, will run from 11 Nov – 13 Dec.

As part of Peer to Peer UK/HK online festival, we welcome Hong Kong based composer, artist and writer Shane Aspegren for a week long ‘takeover’ on our Instagram. Shane will share recent work, including meditative sound art for ‘wellness during lockdown’.

Energy House at the University of Salford is the first facility of its type in the world – a two bedroom, brick-built terraced house inside an environmentally controllable chamber. We’re looking for a photographer to respond to the unique site.

Now on display at Museum of Liverpool’s digital screens: ‘The Lives We Lead’ by Kiara Mohamed. Part of our summer #covidcommissions programme, in collaboration with Open Eye Gallery.
28th October – 11th November

Book now for free tickets to our UK/HK online festival – featuring 4 days of talks on art, activism, climate, archives, digital, collaboration & more

Creative writing alumni Jazmine Linklater has launched a new poetry book with Guillemot Press; inspired by artworks in the collection by Ruth Barker & Hannah Leighton-Boyce.

Announcing a new online festival of international exchange and collaboration, 11-14 November. Curated by Ying Kwok and organised by the University of Salford Art Collection, Open Eye Gallery, and Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art.

A new Q&A with Manchester-based artist Mandy Cleveland, one of six artists commissioned this Summer. Mandy discusses new work that reflects on feelings of ‘personal and global’ uncertainty during Covid 19.

Beginningless Mind will be streamed online with interactive elements, from 1st September at 6pm BST, via Somerset House Studios. The three-fold audio-visual narrative will examine the ‘flowing process of interconnectedness’

A drawing in black showing a bird sat on a branch infront of razor wire. The background is pink white and blue cloud textures.

Now available to watch online in full, Birds or Borders is a new animated video by Parham Ghalamdar. Alongside, read a new Q&A with the artist and UOS Curator Lindsay Taylor.

The first in a series of new GIFs by artist Sarah Eyre, responding to the “feeling of being on the cusp; of being suspended between different spaces and states…” during Covid 19

The final in our current series of micro-commissions. Painter Mollie Balshaw records themself painting in the studio – revealing the usually private ‘performance’ behind the work.

The fourth in a series of micro-commissions for artists living, working, or from Salford. Artist & art technician Richard Shields has illustrated an imagined exhibition of works from our art collection…

The University of Salford is delighted to announce Mandy Cleveland as the fifth of six artists selected for new commissions for the Collection

The first of two blog posts with artist Jack Tan, discussing his new commission ‘Tale As Old As Time’. Jack talks with us about the tradition of ‘disaster ceramics’ , and key moments in Chinese civil rights history in the UK.

For the final in our series of new commissions this Summer, the University of Salford Art Collection has teamed up with AND Festival and Somerset House Studios to commission a new digital work by Marija Bozinovska Jones.

The third in a series of micro-commissions, inviting artists to respond to our Collection. Digital artist Pat Flynn has re-interpreted a body of his own work from 2015.

Lots of empty chairs facing a sunrise.

Co-commissioned by the Collection in 2017, the film is now screening online – with new reflections on the topics of the work in light of Covid 19.

The second of our Spring Salford micro-commissions. Photographer Jesse Glazzard revisits a series of work that explores LGBTQ+ identity, class, politics, and creative practice.

a light blue and purple background. a digital drawing of a blackbird sitting on barbed wire. it is drawn quite quickly and loosely. the image is a still from an animated film called Birds or Borders

In partnership with Castlefield Gallery, the University of Salford is delighted to announce Parham Ghalamdar as the fourth of six artists selected for new commissions for the Collection during COVID 19.

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

The final in a series of poems shared each week during Covid 19, from our Chancellor and Writer-in-residence Jackie Kay.

Satire. A historic lithograph showing a Chinese man confronted by an Englishman, who points at a box of 'opium'. Troops are in the background

We are pleased to announce the third in a series of new artist commissions this Summer.

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

The latest in a series of weekly poems shared by Chancellor and Writer-in-Residence Jackie Kay CBE

A hand holding an outline of a red square, which is being held on a map.

Following our virtual support sessions for artists applying to ACE Emergency Funding, we’re pleased to offer further bookable online studio visits for contemporary artists.

Sharing the first of our Spring micro-commissions, from Paradise Works member Katie Tomlinson. July 2020

Announcing the first in a series of new co-commissions for the Collection, during covid-19. North West based artists Kiara Mohamed and Sarah Eyre are commissioned in partnership with Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool.

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

The latest in a series of weekly poems. This week, we are sharing Jackie’s poem ‘Caravan in Avielochan’, which has been written to celebrate Gay Pride. Originally published in the collection BANTAM (2017).

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

The latest in a series of poems, shared weekly online during Covid 19.

A still from a video showing a white man in a recording studio playing a double bass

We are pleased to announce the online launch of Everything I Have is Yours by Eileen Simpson and Ben White (Open Music Archive) –
an ambitious film and sound work that looks back to the first decade of the UK pop charts (1952-62).

An image of the artists' work. Two white plinths stand almost a metre apart, with a clear square plastic sheet between them. The sheet has some unspecified objects in it's centre, and a grid pattern across it. A light source shines through the sheet, making a large shadow of the grid on a dark wall behind.

Announcing the Graduate Scholars for the seventh year of our programme, in partnership with Castlefield Gallery and the School of Arts and Media,

The project supports final year students for one year after graduation, including mentoring, support, and studio space.

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

The latest in a series of weekly poems by University Chancellor Jackie Kay CBE, which reflect on life during lockdown.

This week, Jackie considers the many people who may be living alone during lockdown, and reflects on going back to our ‘old lives’.

The University of Salford was recently awarded funding for further research of the Albert Adams archive.

Dr Correia, Research Fellow in Art History, reflects on one of Adams’ later drawings (Celebration Head, 2003, pictured) in light of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Five artists have been selected to complete micro-commissions following an open call. The artists – all based in, or with strong connections to Salford – have each taken a different approach to the brief of creating new content in response to the University’s art collection.

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

This week, Jackie has shared her poem ‘The World Is A Village’, which analyses the paradox of never being more connected but also never being less connected to each other.

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

This week, we are sharing Jackie’s poem ‘Fiere’, which celebrates friendship across the entire course of a lifetime.

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

The latest in a series of poems, shared weekly by Chancellor Jackie Kay during COVID-19.

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

New poetry in response to the COVID 19 crisis, May 2020. This week, Jackie shares her poem ‘Jemini Peaches’.

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

New poetry in response to the COVID 19 crisis. This week, Jackie has shared the poem ‘Where’s My Keys?’, which is written in the voice of a woman in a care home who has dementia.

The first episode of Leviathan by Shezad Dawood, originally co-commissioned by the University of Salford Art Collection, is streaming online for one week only. May 2020

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

New poetry in response to the COVID 19 crisis. Jackie’s sixth poem ‘What Key Is It Robbie?’ is about finding comfort in music during these unprecedented times.

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

New poetry in response to the COVID 19 crisis. This week, Jackie has shared the poem ‘Mask’, to mark the lives of those we have lost during this pandemic.

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

New poetry in response to the COVID 19 crisis.
This week, Jackie has shared the poem ‘Ballachulish’, remembering a happy trip with her dad to the village of Ballachulish in Scotland.

Calling all artists living, working or with a strong connection to Salford: £200 micro-commissions available. Deadline: 10th May 2020.

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

New poetry in response to the COVID 19 crisis.
Jackie’s third poem ‘New Era’ reflects on the difficulty of being away from our families and loved ones for an extended period of time.

The Art Collection team are working remotely, developing both short term and long term plans for our work. We remain committed to supporting artists and building a Collection that tells a story of now through three collecting strands: · Chinese Contemporary Art;· About the Digital;· From the North. We are continuing to work with all […]

Update – Virtual support sessions offered during April, for artists in Salford & GM applying for ACE Emergency Funding Streams,

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

The second in a series of poems by Chancellor Jackie Kay, in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Jackie’s second poem ‘Clap the Carers’ is about saying thanks and showing our appreciation for those who are working tirelessly on the frontline during this pandemic to care for others.

Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

A message and poem by Chancellor and Writer-in-Residence Professor Jackie Kay CBE, in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

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Annual scheme for University of Salford graduates now open for applications – deadline Sunday 3rd May 2020.

British music photography from the 1950s and 1960s, from the Open Eye Gallery archive in Liverpool and the University of Salford Art Collection. Plus work by current students.

Our recently commissioned work by Gordon Cheung is currently premiering as part of Cheung’s solo exhibition Tears of Paradise at Edel Assanti, London.

A rainy street scene in Naples, Italy, people are sheltering from the rain.

Filmmaker Antony Barkworth-Knight reflects on the rain and upcoming short film Homage to the Rain.

A reflection on PHOTOFAIR Shanghai 2019.

Black and white photograph of a window in the foreground and the view of industrial buildings in outside of the window.

Poems by Charlotte Robson in response to Window (Day 2): Room 118, Titanic Hotel, Stanley Dock, Regent Road, Liverpool (2017) by Luke Ching.

2018/19 Graduate Scholar Sadé Mica’s reflection on the Scholarship Programme.

A white leather laced shoe designed for a bird's foot.

Amy Greener reflects on her work experience with the Art Collection.

2018/19 Graduate Scholar reflects on the scholarship programme and his time at the Venice Biennial.

BA Fine Art student Richard Benbow, reflects on the work he produced for Acquired: a century of collecting.

Assistant Curator Stephanie Fletcher reflects on her participation in Prof Beryl Graham’s one-week intensive course Curating after New Media.

Art Curator Lindsay Taylor discusses her recent research trip to Japan.

Poem written by Dr Scott Thurston in response to Cao Fei’s film La Town

Aerial photographer of oil and gas fields

Danny Morrell in conversation with artist Mishka Henner.

Photograph of man in a white coat in a marine laboratory.

Review by Art Curator Lindsay Taylor.

Danny Morrell explores the work of French Impressionist Adolphe Valette.

Danny Morrell contemplates the work of expressionist artist Albert Adams.

Danny Morrell contemplates L.S. Lowry’s painting Narcia fitting out at the Tyne from our Art Collection.

Supporting our creative graduates.