Micro-commission update: limited edition print & t-shirt released (Richard Shields, ‘Disparity’)

November 2020

In Summer 2020, Richard Shields was awarded one of five new micro-commissions, to produce a response to the University of Salford Art Collection. He chose to make a new drawing, part of his ‘Technical Drawing’ series, including Salford-based or Salford-inspired artworks in the permanent collection.

We’re pleased to share that Richard has released the drawing as a limited edition signed & framed print (£80 + P&P) as well as a printed t-shirt in all sizes (£30 + P&P).

Available to purchase directly from the artist via:
Website / Twitter / Instagram

Read more about the commission & drawings here!

Acknowledging disparity is the first step to addressing it, or ignoring it, however Ignoring it usually makes it look worse. 2020
Richard Shields
Pencil on Fabriano Accademia off cut. 7.5 x 29.5 cm