Two long, white, flat, glass topped display cases. In the left case are archive materials - posters and documents from music performances in Peel Park. The paper is yellowed and aged. In the right, a number of postcards, both face up and face down, showing images and written inscriptions. The postcards are of Peel Park and Salford, over the last 100 years.

Installation view, courtesy Heiss Rourke Photography

2021 Winter roundup – and looking ahead

In our annual Christmas newsletter, Curator Lindsay Taylor wraps up some of the highlights of the year – from exhibitions and events to a new art store and new team members. Click here to read.

Plus, a great new exhibition review by writer and researcher Natalie Bradbury at Corridor 8 – click here to read.

Thank you to our colleagues, students, and internal & external partners for collaborating with us on a successful programme, despite the continued challenges of Covid 19!

Interior photo of a gallery exhibition. The image shows a pink wall and a green wall, with small framed artworks hung on them.
Installation view: Rourke and Heiss