About us

Our Collection almost 700 works of modern and contemporary art, and exists for the benefit of students, staff and public. As the University does not have a permanent gallery space, we are able to think differently about what it means to develop a museum collection in the 21st century. The Art Collection is therefore distributed across key locations around the University and is available for loan to other institutions both in the UK and internationally.

The University Art Collection’s aim is to encourage engagement with the arts and to support excellence in teaching, research and community engagement and to play a leadership role in contributing to culture in the North West of England. We actively contribute to the University Vision ‘by pioneering exceptional industry partnerships we will lead the way in real world experiences preparing students for life’. We believe it is important to support the work of living artists at all stages of their careers – from a student through to an internationally established artist. We also aim to develop a distinctive collection, which includes work not collected in a significant way elsewhere. We have an innovative and unique acquisitions policy, commissioning and working in collaboration with local, regional and international partners focused on three main areas: About the DigitalChinese Contemporary Art, and From the North.

Mission: To care for and develop the university art collection: creating, collecting and collaborating.

Vision: To use the university art collection as a catalyst to make a lasting difference to the arts ecology of the NorthWest.


  • Pioneering: we will think differently about collections and what it means to develop one in the 21st century
  • Pioneering: we will pilot new ways of working with artists and the collection which encourage risk-taking
  • Enabling: we will support artists to make new work and to experiment
  • Enabling: we will provide students with opportunities to engage with the sector
  • Story-telling: we will build the profile of the university through strong partnerships
  • Story-telling: we will develop an ongoing narrative around the artists we work with, whatever stage of their career

The University of Salford Art Collection Museums Accreditation award was renewed by Arts Council England in 2016.