Jackie Kay by Claudia Alonso (2015)

Claudia Alonso, Jackie Kay, 2015. Digital Photograph. Image courtesy of the artist.

Chancellor Jackie Kay

Professor Jackie Kay CBE is Chancellor and Writer in Residence at the University of Salford, and Scots Makar (National Poet).

Jackie works closely with the Art Collection and has written a number of poems in response to acquired artworks, which are often exhibited alongside the work, including:

Jai Redman – Engel’s Beard (2016) public sculpture
Annie Lai-Kuen Wan – Lost in Biliterate and Trilingual (2014), porcelain
Ruth Barker & Hannah Leighton Boyce (2019), a touring exhibition

As well as guest curating exhibitions and projects, including:
Memory (2017) at the New Adelphi Exhibition Gallery.

COVID-19 Crisis: New poetry
From April 2020 Jackie is hoping to share a poem a week in response to the COVID 19 crisis, including a mix of new and existing works, which will be posted here to read and watch:

  1. Still
  2. Clap the Carers
  3. NEW ERA
  4. Ballachulish
  5. Mask
  6. What key is it Robbie?
  7. Where Are My Keys?
  8. Jemini Peaches
  9. A Lang Promise (from BANTAM, 2017)
  10. Fiere
  11. The World Is A Village
  12. Mirror
  13. A Banquet for the Boys
  14. Caravan in Avielochan (from BANTAM, 2017)
  15. Welcome Wee One (from BANTAM, 2017)
  16. Darling