A video installation showing a woman in a supermarket. The screen is in a basement with speakers at either side and exposed pipes on the ceiling.

Cao Fei, Haze and Fog, 2013. Installation shot at St. George's Hall, Liverpool. Photograph by Pete Carr.

New Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art

This unique collection has been developed mainly since 2013 and largely in partnership with the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) in Manchester.   In October 2013 the University of Salford signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA), based in Manchester.  For over 30 years CFCCA has curated and presented ‘first’ UK solo exhibitions featuring exceptional artists that go on to achieve international acclaim.

The artists range from emerging through to established, and artworks vary from painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation. What links these works is the artists’ connection with Northwest England and how, in different ways, they each reflect the changing world that we live in.

From 9 February – 3 June 2018, the University of Salford Art Collection presented PRESENCE: A Window into Chinese Contemporary Art in Liverpool as part of the city’s 2018 China Dream season. This exhibition was the first time that the University’s New Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art had been shown in its entirety.

PRESENCE: A Window into Chinese Contemporary Art exhibition catalogue. 


Artists in the New Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art include:


Digital still of video depicting an early computer tennis game.

aaajiao, Tennis for None, 2016. Digital Video (still). Courtesy of the artist and Leo Xu Projects, Shanghai

Tennis for None, 2016








Man crouched over broken hammers.

Li Binyuan, Deathless Love, 2015. Live performance (still from documentation). Courtesy artist and Steve McWade.

Li Binyuan (China)
Deathless Love, 2015









Close-up on a human eye

Suki Chan, Lucida, 2016. Video installation (still). © Suki Chan.

Suki Chan (UK)
Lucida, 2016







Abstract painting of block colours hanging on a wall with a book on a stand to the right.

Chou Yu-Cheng, from Geoff Molyneux Series, 2014. Acrylic on canvas, installation. © Chou Yu-Cheng. Courtesy Chou Yu-Cheng and Edouard Malingue Gallery.

Chou Yu-Cheng (Taiwan)
from Geoff Molyneux Series, 2014










Black and white photograph of a window in the foreground and the view of industrial buildings in outside of the window.

Luke Ching, Window (Day 2): Room 118, Titanic Hotel, Stanley Dock, Regent Road, Liverpool, 2017. Photography © Rob Battersby. © Luke Ching.

Luke Ching (Hong Kong)
Window (Day 2) and Wall:
Room 118, Titanic Hotel, Stanley Dock, Regent Road, Liverpool
, 2017








Still from a video of a woman staring into camera with blood smeared on her face.

Cao Fei, Haze and Fog, 2013. Digital Film (still). Courtesy Cao Fei and Vitamin Creative Space.

Cao Fei (China)
Haze and Fog, 2013









A small model of a cinema with police officer figures outside.

Cao Fei, La Town, 2014 (production still). Image courtesy Cao Fei and Vitamin Creative Space. Purchased with support from Art Fund.

Cao Fei (China)
La Town, 2014









A white leather laced shoe designed for a bird's foot.

Han Feng, Shoe for Bird, 2012. Mixed media. © Han Feng. Installation photograph by Museum Photography North West.

Han Feng (China)
Shoe for Bird, 2012










Chen Hangfeng, Fu Lu Shou, 2012. Papercuts. © Chen Hangfeng. Installation at St. George’s Hall, Liverpool. Photograph by Pete Carr.

Chen Hangfeng (China)
Fu Lu Shou, 2014









Video still of two forearms. On the hand on the left the little finger is raise and on the one on the right the thumb is protruding will the other fingers are clasped.

Kong Chun Hei, Hand Practice, 2017. Digital video (still). © Kong Chun Hei. Courtesy the artist.

Kong Hei Chun (Hong Kong)
Hand Practice, 2017








Video still of a martial arts man in the air about to land on the ground. There are trees in the background.

susan pui san lok, Trailers (from RoCH Fans and Legends), 2015. Digital video (still). Courtesy the artist.

Susan Pui San Lok (UK/Hong Kong)
RoCH Fans and Legends, 2015









Black and white photograph of a man with his arms crossed in front of his chest, eyes closed and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. In background is made up of an image of sky and clouds.

Wang Ningde, Some Days No. 03, 2002. Photograph. Courtesy the artist and Michael Goedhuis. © Wang Ningde.

Wang Nindge (China)
Some Days No. 3, 2002









Ma Quisha, Fog Series, 2013. Watercolour on paper. Photograph by Nick Harrison. © Ma Quisha.

Ma Qiusha (China)
Triptych from Fog Series , 2014









Tian Taiquan, Totem Recollection 3, 2007. C-Print. © Tian Taiquan. Installation shot at St. George’s Hall, Liverpool. Photograph by Pete Carr.

Tian Taiquan (China)
Totem Recollection 3, 2007









Wu Chi-Tsung, Wrinkled Texture 027, 2015. Cyanotype. Courtesy of the artist.

Wu Chi-Tsung (Taiwan)
Wrinkled Texture 027, 2015








A display of porcelain books of various sizes, placed on a green surface.

Annie Lai Kuen Wan, Lost in Biliterate and Trilingual,2014. Porcelain. Photograph courtesy CFCCA. © Annie Lai Kuen Wan.

Annie Wan Lai-kuen (Hong Kong)
Lost in Biliterate and Trilingual, 2014









A photograph of a letter mounted in a frame.

Yan Xing, Letter to Mr Robert Peckham, 2012. Digital print. Courtesy of the artist.

Yan Xing (China)
Letter to Mr Robert Peckham, 2012








Lu Xinjian, City DNA/Salford and Manchester, 2016. Acrylic on canvas. © Lu Xinjian.

Lu Xinjian (China)
City DNA / Salford and Manchester, 2015








Black background with white stick like drawings on.

Sun Xun, A War About Chinese Words, 2005. Hand drawn animation (still). © Sun Xun.

Sun Xun (China)
A War About Words, 2005








Black and white still from a video depicting mountains, which on closer inspection are made up of buildings.

Yang Yongliang, Mountains of Crowds, 2016.
Still from video. Courtesy the artist. © Yang Yongliang.

Yang Yongliang
Mountains of Crowds, 2016









Chen Ching-Yuan, the (flare-s), 2013. Video installation (still). Courtesy of the artist and TKG+.

Chen Ching-Yuan  (Taiwan)
the (Flare -s), 2013









Photograph of water rippling with the sunlight reflecting on the surface.

Liang Yue, untitled, 2018. Detail from photograph triptych. © Liang Yue.

Liang Yue (Shanghai)
untitled, 2018
C0011, 2018
C0018, 2018