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Elliott Flanagan’s A Piece of Something Bigger showing soon!

A Piece of Something Bigger officially begins showing in the New Adelphi Exhibition Gallery, coinciding with the University of Salford Degree Show, on Thursday 23rd May 2024!

Flanagan’s film explores contemporary masculinity through the prism of package holiday culture. Flanagan looks at the ideas entrenched in the male gender stereotype that saturated his youth as a way of disentangling himself. Misunderstood and under pressure to conform and perform, he studies a tension from his own experience between one’s own consciousness and social expectation.

As part of the Degree Show opening night the New Adelphi Exhibition Gallery will remain open until 8:30pm, giving you plenty of time to experience Flanagan’s film. More information about the Degree Show here.

If you can’t attend in person, be sure to check out the online showing of the film below, this link also provides you with more information about Flanagan’s film!

Online Viewing : Elliott Flanagan’s A Piece of Something Bigger (2018)

Join us for a Lunchtime Exhibition Tour – Visibilities (1:30pm, 15th Aug)

Join Visibilities curator Rowan Pritchard, with Stephanie Fletcher (Art Collection, Assistant Curator) for a lunchtime tour of Visibilities: Shaping a story of now, our current exhibition on display at our New Adelphi Gallery, before it closes at the end of August!

An images shows a man and a woman reaching out for each other and holding hands by the water front. Behind them the Wuhan skyline rises into the blue sky.
Wu Yue, Reconnected, 2020. Courtesy the Artist.

Visibilities brings together works from the Collection to explore and examine who and what is represented in our contemporary collecting, and how these visibilities shape what we think of as our ‘stories of now’.

Read more about the exhibition, here.

This informal tour will provide greater insight into the themes behind the exhibition and the work of the University’s Art Collection, as well as offer a chance to ask any questions you may have for the curatorial team about the exhibition.