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Acquired: a century of collecting

Exploring the art collections of Salford Museum and Art Gallery and the University of Salford.

Painting of tower blocks.
Mandy Payne, In Limbo (2017). Spray paint, oil paint, tape, archival matt varnish on concrete. © Mandy Payne.

Haworth Life Drawing Series 2019

Life drawing classes by students from the School of Arts and Media.

Haworth Life Drawing Series 2019 winners (left to right) Aleksandra Pak, Lewis Pathak and Jade Williams.

Shifting Perspectives

Selected works from Critical & Contextual Studies and the University of Salford Art Collection.

An optical illusion painting, featuring a wall of books, a wall of paintings, a door and a beach in the background.
Patrick Hughes, My Room, 2012. © Patrick Hughes; courtesy of Patrick Hughes, Flowers Gallery, London and New York. Photograph by Museum Photography North West.