Mishka Henner, Mishka Henner Cedar Point Oil Field, Harris County, Texas, 2013-14

Mishka Henner, Cedar Point Oil Field, Harris County, Texas, 2013-14. © Mishka Henner. Image courtesy of Carroll / Fletcher.

About the Digital

We are now living in a digital world, and it is important that our art collection reflects some of the excellent artworks made by artists either creating work about or using digital technologies.

There is a recognised digital gap in museum collections – often due to concerns about the longevity of the technology required to experience the artwork. As a university it is part our responsibility to pioneer the collecting of difficult work, to take risks and to find ways of conserving digital artworks, as part of the focus of debate and the evolving cultural infrastructure and landscape.

Much of the work in this area to date has been in partnership with organisations such as Abandon Normal Devices (AND), FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), The Lowry and Quays Culture.

The University is also a Founding Partner of HOME which includes a three year commitment to work together on a range of programmes in Visual Arts, Performance and Cinema.

Acquisitions include:

Simon Faithfull, 0°00 Navigation, 2008
Mishka Henner, Cedar Point Oil Field, Harris County, Texas, 2013 – 2014 and Wasson Oil and Gas Field, Yoakum County, Texas, 2013 – 2014
Thomson & Craighead, Corruption I & II, 2014

Co-commissions include: Declan Clarke, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Rachel Maclean and Liam Young.