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Apply for Graduate Scholarship Programme 2018

The Graduate Scholarship Programme is only open to University of Salford students from the School of Arts and Media who will graduate or complete their undergraduate studies in July 2018.

Applications deadline: by 9am on Monday 23rd April 2018


How to apply:

  1. Complete the Graduate Scholarship Programme Application Form 2018.
  2. With  the application form send a two-page CV and images and/or video/sound files of your work (maximum of 4 items)

Please note:

  • Submit image, video and sound files via Dropbox or WeTransfer to avoid blocking the email account.
  • Images and video/sound files should be clearly marked with your name, title(s) of work, description, medium and year of production.

Applications (including CV and examples of your work) should be emailed to: Jennifer Iddon, Art Collection Team at by 9am on Monday 23rd April.


Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.