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University of Salford Art Collection

Welcome to the University of Salford Art Collection website. This growing art collection has existed for 50 years and is for the benefit of staff, students and the public.  The Collection contains around 700 items which are stored and displayed on campus and are available for loan to museums and galleries in the UK and internationally.

The work of our small team is wide and varied and this website is a work in progress. We actively welcome feedback on the design and content of the website in order to inform our aspirations to design a new multi-layered online platform.  We also welcome comments and suggestions regarding the collection.

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Latest news

PRINT UnLtd.: A New Spirit in Printmaking

An illustrated talk by Sean Rorke, Artistic Director of Hot Bed Press.

Gallery photograph. In the distance are 3 lightboxes of 3 people's faces. On the right is an artwork on material which is draped on the floor.

This is Shanghai – In Conversation with Jiang Jiehong, Curator

This is Shanghai curator Jiang Jiehong in conversation with Culture Liverpool’s Head of Creative Development, Robin Kemp.

Photograph of gallery space. White walls with photographs on and a bench is positioned in the foreground.

Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson: Song for Armageddon

Song for Armageddon to be screened at Glasgow Cathedral as part of their annual festival this year.

Head and shoulders shot of a woman staring into the camera. The background behind her is black except for a small line of light in the distance.