Online Screening: Homage to the Rain

Screening: 15th January – 12th March 2021

This month’s online screening is Homage to the Rain, by filmmaker Antony Barkworth-Knight, musicians Rob Turner, Sam Healey, Conor Miller and digital strategist Rebecca Rae-Evans. The film was originally co-commissioned for our Collection with Quays Culture, and was first launched at Lightwaves Festival at Salford Quays just over a year ago, in December 2019.

Interested in experiences of rainfall around the globe, the artists crowd-sourced hundreds of short video clips from contributors on every continent. The final video is accompanied by a new soundtrack made in response to the imagery, produced by Rob Turner (of the Manchester jazz group Gogo Penguin) alongside Sam Healey and Conor Miller.

Antony describes the origins of the project: “I was standing in a square in Napoli when the skies opened in a dramatic fashion. I stood in amazement watching rain heavier than I’d ever seen. I walked out in to it and began filming. Looking at the drenched screen on my phone I realised that I should develop a project not about my experience of rain, but rather, about everybody’s experience of rain. What did people feel about the rain in Thailand, Canada, France, Mexico, India, New Zealand, Peru or Nigeria? It was a phonomena everyone on earth witnessed and filming it on a mobile phone was a way to see the world from many people’s point of view.”

Year: 2019
Medium:  Digital video
Duration: 12m

Viewing this work:
Make sure to turn your speakers/headphones on, and ensure the volume is turned up on both the player and your device. Click the arrows icon in the bottom right of the player to maximise the window in your browser – and hit play.