Sarah Hardacre, Arms Open to Welcome the Sun, 2012. Image courtesy of the artist and Paul Stolper Gallery, London.

From the North

As a University deeply rooted in the North of England, specifically Salford and Greater Manchester, and with our own vibrant School of Arts and Media it is important that our collection reflects the wealth of artistic practice in our city and the North West of England region. There is no other museum in the area, to our knowledge, collecting work by artists from the North of England in a significant way.

Many of the established artists in the region already have a relationship to the University – through studying or teaching here at some point. We also want to support our students and graduates.

Much of the work collected in this area of our programme is also created in partnership ensuring that we engage with artists and audiences locally.

Artists in the From the North strand of the Collection include:

Head and shoulders shot of a woman staring into the camera. The background behind her is black except for a small line of light in the distance.

Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson, Song for Armageddon, 2017 (still). © Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson.

Man holding large photograph of a buidling in front of his face.

Chris Paul Daniels and Sam Meech One Square Mile, 2016. Still from video. Courtesy the artists.


Sarah Hardacre, Arms Open to Welcome the Sun, 2012. Image courtesy of the artist and Paul Stolper Gallery, London.


Sarah Hardacre, Forget Mermaids, 2012. Image courtesy of the artist and Paul Stolper Gallery, London.


Aerial photographer of oil and gas fields

Mishka Henner, Wasson Oil and Gas Field, Yoakum County, Texas, 2013-2014. © Mishka Henner. Image courtesy of Carroll/Fletcher.

Mishka Henner, Mishka Henner Cedar Point Oil Field, Harris County, Texas, 2013-14

Mishka Henner, Cedar Point Oil Field, Harris County, Texas, 2013-14. © Mishka Henner. Image courtesy of Carroll / Fletcher.

Lizzie King & Craig Tattersall, Studios (2015). Image courtesy of artists. Photograph of swivel chair in foreground and a stool in the centre of the shot in a deserted artist studio.

Lizzie King & Craig Tattersall, Studios, 2015. Image courtesy of artists.


Karen Lyons, Clasp, 2007, sculpture outside Mary Seacole Building, University of Salford.


Painting of tower blocks.

Mandy Payne, In Limbo (2017). Spray paint, oil paint, tape, archival matt varnish on concrete. © Mandy Payne.


Jai Redman, Engels’ Beard, 2016. Fibreglass. Photograph courtesy of Nick Harrison.

Terracotta sculpture in perspex display box. The sculpture looks like a pile of sausages.

Willow Rowlands, A Way of Organising a Pig, 2015. Photograph by Steve Iles.


Adolphe Valette, Figures by a Fence, 1922. Photograph: Photography North West.

Oil painting of a house in the distant with trees and a field in the foreground.

Adolphe Valette, Romiley, 1916. Photograph: Photography North West.

Further artists from this Collection strand that will be added to this page include: Ruth Barker, Joey Collins, Craig Easton, Maurice Carlin, Pat Flynn, Louise Giovanelli, Rachel Goodyear, Kip Gresham, Sarah Hardacre, Adrian Henri, Gwilym Hughes, Walter Kershaw, Lizzie King and Craig Tattersall, L.S Lowry, Darren Nixon, Harold Riley, Adam Heiss and Martene Rourke, Liam Spencer and Meg Woods.