Thomson & Craighead, Corruption II, 2014. Image courtesy of the artists and Carroll / Fletcher.

Digital Curation and Contemporary Art: Curating in Contemporary Contexts

The University of Salford is now accepting applications for a short online postgraduate course in digital curation in the context of contemporary art. 

The course is aimed at art curators who would like to update or expand their knowledge and understanding of digital curation, as well as anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the processes underpinning the practice of digital curation in the context of contemporary art, and the technical elements that inform its concepts, language and techniques.

The sessions will include the following indicative content:
1) What is digital curation (in the context of contemporary art)?
2) What is digital curation (beyond contemporary art)?
3) Understanding metadata and paradata (the basic essentials)
4) Understanding metadata and paradata (handling art in digital archives)
5-6) Practical ways of curating art in digital environments (from technology in the gallery to video screenings and presenting art online)
7-10) Individual and/or small group tutorials or directed independent study
11-12) Sharing outcomes of practical project work

Course begins in February 2020.
For further information visit the course webpage.