Close-up on a human eye

Suki Chan, Lucida, 2016. Video installation (still). © Suki Chan.

A Window On… Suki Chan’s Lucida

Date: Thursday 16 February 2017, 6 – 7pm
Venue: Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art,  Market Buildings, 13 Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1EU
Admission: £3 to book tickets

To coincide with her exhibition, Lucida & Lucida II, at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) artist Suki Chan will be in conversation with Dr Adam Galpin, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Salford, to discuss the development of her project Lucida: how her interest in the relationship between the human eye, brain and vision began; her research methodologies and technical challenges. Dr Adam Galpin was one of the scientists who contributed to her 3 channel interactive video work, currently exhibiting at CFCCA. He specialises in tracking eye-movements to understand how people process visual stimuli and has had published work on reading, driving, picture processing, Parkinson’s disease and the use of prosthetics.