Louise Giovanelli, The Dress Rehearsal II', 2016. Image courtesy the artist and The International 3.

Louise Giovanelli: Prima Donna

The International 3, Salford
Saturday 25 June – 30 September 2016
Wednesday – Friday, 12 – 5pm (other times by appointment)

Prima Donna, from the Italian ‘first lady’, means ‘solo female voice’ in musical and operatic terms, and is the starting point for Louise Giovanelli’s exhibition.

Developed out of an interest in classical musical terminology and how appreciation and interpretation is shaped through suggestions of how a piece of music should be played, e.g. ‘adagio’ meaning ‘slow movement, restful at ease’this exhibition, by way of calculated lighting and hanging decisions, concerns modes of looking so as to suggest how a painting might be looked at and subsequently experienced.

Co-commissioned by The International 3 and the University of Salford; work from the exhibition will be acquired by the university’s Art Collection.
Exhibition details