In his series Wrinkled Texture Wu re-interprets traditional methods of Chinese landscape painting (Shan shui).

Chi-Tsung Wu, Wrinkled Texture 027

Year: 2015
Medium: Photography, cyanotype
Dimensions: Approx. 178 x 44cm
Brief biography: b. 1981, Taiwan. Lives and works in Taiwan.

Wu Chi-Tsung’s practice considers how we produce, view and interpret images of landscape, nature and light. His series Wrinkled Texture re-interprets traditional methods of Chinese landscape painting (Shan shui). Shan shui works came to prominence in the 5th century and have been popular since – often exploring the textures of mountain terrains, the flows of rivers and water, and celebrating the quiet beauty found in nature.

Traditionally created with paint, ink and brush, Wu has taken an innovative new approach by working with a photographic ‘cyanotype’ technique. Covered in photo-sensitive solutions, rice paper sheets were folded and manipulated whilst exposed to sunlight for thirty minutes, fixing an abstract image of blue hues and textures akin to mountain precipices and cliffs. Through this work, Wu blends traditional practices with photography, performance and conceptual art practice.

Wu was born in 1981 in Taipei, Taiwan where he lives and works. He has exhibited widely in Taiwan and across China. Sponsored by Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture, his work first toured the UK in a solo show in 2014, delivered by a partnership programme between the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Live at LICA (Lancaster) and Site Gallery (Sheffield). In 2014 he was listed as one of the top 10 artists under 35 by the international website Artsy.