Black background with white stick like drawings on.

Sun Xun, A War About Chinese Words, 2005. © Sun Xun. Courtesy of artist.

Sun Xun, A War About Chinese Words

Year: 2005
Medium: Hand drawn animation
Dimensions: 2m 12s running time
Brief biography: b. 1980, Fuxin, China. Lives and works in Beijing.

One of Xun’s early works, this hand-drawn animation creates a story using Chinese characters. Simple lines and strokes morph between letters, figures and animals – moving and fighting together on the screen.

Growing up in an industrial mining town in north east China, in a period following the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the lingering after effects of this movement have a profound impact on Xun’s work. Exploring global history, culture, memory and politics, Xun is particularly interested in the way historical events are perceived and remembered by ‘ordinary’ citizens compared to official and media representations and reports.

Blurring the lines between drawing, painting, print-making, animation and installation, Xun explores past versus present, and personal versus political.

Sun Xun graduated in 2005 from the print-making department of the China Academy of Fine Arts. In 2006 he established Pi animation studio. During 2010, he received several notable awards including the CCAA Best Young Artist and ‘Taiwian Contemporary Art Link Young Art Award’. Sun Xun predominantly makes monochromatic, highly detailed hand-drawn limited edition animation films.

Xun held a solo exhibition, What happened in the year of the Dragon at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art in December 2014 – March 2015.